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Portugal is a technological “hub” beyond digital solutions. Spectacular in tourism, it is also spectacular in industry.


A networked Co-innovation and Cooperation platform, available to companies in the Home and Office sector.


Join our Observatory and be part of an economic information network on sectors, product / service positioning and markets.


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Promote the smart specialization of the "Equipment, Services and Ingredients for the Food Industry" line, through the reinforcement of its competences in central areas of innovation and qualification.

Inter Home & Office Industry

Helps to affirm the national industry in the German market. Contributing to the increase in the internationalization of national companies.

Training-Action for SMEs

Intensify the training of entrepreneurs and managers for the reorganization and improvement of management capacities, as well as company workers, based on themes associated with innovation and change.

Master Export

The “Master Export” project aims to reinforce the internationalization of SMEs in the Metalomechanics and Habitat sector by creating new export channels for countries with high potential.

Qualify & Compete

This project has the strategic objective of guaranteeing an intelligent specialization of technological production systems and regional economies in the Home & Office sector.