The increase of Professional training is assuming an extremely important role in a period in which competitiveness, know-how and the quality of products or services, make each organization a reference in its sector of activity. Through training, companies and their employees are both winning, as there is an improvement in professional and personal skills.

With more than 30 years of experience in the training area, AEA is aware of this reality and, in a perspective of sustained development in the region, its Training Department's goal is to promote the continuous qualification of assets, developing its skills , by presenting adapted Training solutions, developed to the specificities and needs of each company.

As a training entity certified by DGERT, AEA is endowed with human and material resources that allow to give effectiveness and quality to the training activity. To this purpose, it has specialized technicians in training and education, a pool of experienced and qualified trainers and educational infrastructures and resources that guarantee total satisfaction to those who use our services. Adapted Training may be carried out in the infrastructures of AEA or at the company.

In the last 4 years, AEA has developed more than 250 training actions, in which more than 3500 trainees participated, which clearly justifies the advantages of Adapted Training promoted by AEA, namely the treatment of the entire training process with regard to the diagnosis of needs, the preparation of the training plan, the implementation and evaluation of training; the competence of all the professionals involved; the ability to adapt to different sectors of activity and business environments; certified training.

AEA is a training entity certified by DGERT for the following areas of education and training:

  • 090 - Personal development
  • 347 - Framework in the organization / company
  • 146 - Training of teachers and trainers in technological areas
  • 380 – Law and Legislation
  • 222 - Foreign languages ​​and literature
  • 862 - Safety and hygiene at work
  • 341 - Commerce
  • 344 - Accounting and taxation
  • 346 - Secretariat and administrative work

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