The Águeda Business Association (AEA) is a non-profit and public utility employer association.

With a multisectoral scope and headquartered in Águeda, AEA aims to represent the interests of companies in the region, as well as providing services and support, solving problems and improving the business environment for its associates, in addition to representing them before different entities. The services provided range from legal advice and labor law, tax and economic and financial, environmental consultancy, instruction in industrial and commercial licensing processes, organization of professional training courses and recruitment, among others.

We have a team of permanent and advanced staff, highly professional and trained, always available to meet your needs, providing services with great quality, rigor and competence, defending and representing the interests of our associated companies and entrepreneurs in general.

We help companies to create an improved and sustainable business environment and to combine business strategies with the goal of increase results, thus contributing to the modernization of the business fabric.